26. Red Peppers

In the garden of a deserted house
red peppers
were becoming redder
and brighter.
I walked alone
for two hours.
The next day I retraced my footsteps
and revisited the house.
The peppers were still red,
and their leaves had not wilted.
In the tall weeds
I smelled the fragrance of people.
The roof had decayed,
a door had come off,
and holes appeared
where hinges once existed.
The peppers
had been listening to
the whistling of the well.
The peppers were proud
to remind passersby of people
who once lived there.
Defying nature,
an enraged storm blew toward
the hollow of the small well.
Defying nature,
lightning competed with the red peppers,
but was defeated by human perseverance.


27. Les poivrons rouges

Dans un jardin à l'abandon,
des poivrons rouges
mûrissaient et
Je marchai seule,
deux heures durant.
Le lendemain je refis le même chemin
et revis la maison.
Les poivrons étaient toujours rouges
et leurs feuilles charnues.
Parmi les herbes folles
s'attardait une senteur humaine.
Le toit était pourri,
une porte était tombée,
dévoilant des trous de vis
à l'emplacement des gonds.
Les poivrons
avaient écouté
les sifflements du puits.
Ils étaient fiers
de rappeler aux passants
les occupants de jadis.
Défiant la nature,
un furieux orage souffla
vers le petits puits vide.
Défiant la nature,
les éclairs rivalisèrent avec les poivrons
mais la persévérance humaine gagna.