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The Poetry of Shizue Ogawa

by Alice-Catherine Carls

 Since meeting Shizue Ogawa ten years ago, her poetry has become an indispensable part of my days. The quietness of her voice, the suppleness of her poetic language, and the depth of her intercultural knowledge, compose a poetic landscape of exquisite sensitivity, serene yet passionate, fragile yet resilient. The reading of her poems makes me stop breathing just long enough to feel the balance and the grace of her poetry.       I am profoundly grateful to my colleagues at the University of Tennessee at Martin, Anna Clark and Elaine Atkins Harriss, who have contributed their superb talent to help me develop this CD. I am very proud that the American portion of it has been entirely composed at and by my university. My deep thanks to Micah Barnes, our university expert sound technician, who recorded the musical selections and the poems; and to our university photographer, Nathaniel D. Morgan. I am also very grateful to my husband, Stephen D. Carls, for his pictures of Shizue and me in Paris.      This project would not have been possible without the gracious participation of Shizue Ogawa, to whom I express my deepest thanks for allowing me to collaborate with her on this project that unites three countries, Japan, the United States, and France, and, beyond them, all the continents that support their language and their culture.